Onboard users instantly with Ramper. Ramper provides free web3 SDK for auth, key management, and crypto/NFT purchase for DApps built on multi-chains.

Why Ramper?

  • One click auth solution: Let users sign in instantly using email, SSO of FaceID that generate non-custodial wallets behind the scene.
  • Integrated wallet interface: Let users buy tokens, manage their NFTs, and sign transactions inside your DApp seamlessly.
  • Simplified NFT purchase: Let users purchase NFTs using debit or credit card instantly
Ramper SDK

Ramper Connect

​Ramper Connect SDK provides an easy wallet solution for developers to integrate into their DApps. Once integrated, your users will be able to log in with a popular OAuth solution and instantly interact with your DApp.
​Ramper Connect SDK also provides a "WalletView" component, which provides the DApp with various wallet-related functionalities such as transaction signatures, fiat-on-ramp, and token transfers.
See these functions in action at https://example.ramper.xyz/​

Blockchains Supported

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • NEAR
  • Terra 2.0

Ramper NFT Checkout

Make your NFTs accessible to everyone globally. Ramper's NFT Fiat Checkout provides a fast NFT checkout solution supporting both crypto & fiat. Ramper handles chargebacks, instant wallet creation, and pays you in your NFT contract's native tokens.

Blockchains Supported

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • NEAR

Ramper KMS Architecture

At Ramper, our mission is to make web3 accessible for the next billion users. To do so — we are reimagining the wallet sign-in experience. We believe everyone should be able to login & authenticate into blockchain applications seamlessly.
No seed phrases. No downloads. No passwords. It should be a single-click login experience.
To enable this experience, we have designed a key management system that enables seamless wallet sign-in operations at scale while guaranteeing the security of the private wallet keys. Our system is patent-pending, audited by CertiK, and undergoing SOC2 II.
Ramper KMS architecture

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