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Make your NFTs accessible to everyone globally. Ramper NFT Checkout provides a fast NFT checkout solution supporting both crypto & fiat. Ramper handles instant wallet creation, chargebacks, and pays you in your NFT contract's native tokens.

Check out our Live Demo (on Polygon), and try purchasing a (free) Ramper Token! Links to NEAR specific demos are also available at the bottom of this document

To get started you'll need to have a deployed NFT contract on NEAR (mainnet/testnet)

Initializing NEAR Wallet

To do anything with the NEAR wallet, it needs to be first funded with at least 0.1 NEAR. This is a policy set by NEAR.

When a user is purchasing NFTs using Ramper NFT Checkout, we will automatically fund them 0.1 NEAR to complete the process if they meet two criteria:

  1. They are using a Ramper wallet

  2. Their wallet has not been initialized (funded)

  3. They have completed the NFT payment using fiat

Supported Contract Types

The first step in launching your NFT collection is deploying a smart contract. Ramper supports two popular types of NFT contracts that slightly extend the standard NEP-171 interfaces (

  • A TenK contract-compatible NFT should specifically have "nft_mint_many", "get_sale_info", "remaining_allowance", and "tokens_left" functions implemented

  • A Paras contract-compatible NFT should specifically have "nft_buy", "nft_get_series_price", "nft_get_series_single", and "nft_supply_for_series" functions implemented

You'll probably want to deploy a contract on a testnet first. Deploy contracts to the test network, and make sure to pick the appropriate network in the Developer Dashboard when setting up your collection in the next step (Setting Up Your Collection). The networks for NEAR mainnet and testnet are 'NEAR testnet' and 'NEAR mainnet' on the developer dashboard.

Once your contract is approved, buyers can check your NFT out at[contractAccountId]&network=[mainnet/testnet]&redirect_url=[urlTobeRedirectedPostBuy]&user_wallet_address=[buyerAccountId] (if you're using a Paras contract type, add &token_series_id=[id] as well)

In addition, you can take a look and test out the demo links for TenK and Paras type contracts. (you will want to replace the value in user_wallet_address query param)

If you have more specific requirements or questions, please reach out at or message us on Discord.

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