Manage Tokens

How to hide/show a token?

The "Manage Tokens" feature empowers users to customize their wallets by hiding or showing tokens. Here's how:

Step 1: Navigate to the home screen and locate the custom icon.

Step 2: Use the toggle switch to either hide or show a particular token.

  • Turn the toggle on to hide the token.

  • Turn the toggle off to show the token.

  • You can also click "Hide All" to hide all tokens at once, or "Show All" to display all tokens.

Once a token is hidden, it will no longer be visible in the Token tab.

How to remove a token?

This feature specifically allows for the removal of custom tokens.

On the Manage Tokens screen, click the delete icon next to the specific token you wish to remove.

After removing the custom token, it will no longer appear in the Token tab, effectively removing it from your wallet's view.

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