Why can't I see my assets?

Your assets can be displayed on Ramper only if the following conditions are met:

  • You're using the correct wallet linked to your social media account,

  • Ramper supports your token/NFT.

If your tokens still are not visible, this is most likely due to one of the reasons below:

  1. Bad internet connection: We recommend you check the wifi or cellular connection.

  2. Not using the latest version: Please update to the latest version

  3. Unstable RPC: Please wait for the RPC to become more stable

  4. Hidden token: kindly check the hidden token section to see if your token is hidden

  5. Unsupported token: if you accidentally send a non-supported token to your wallet on Ramper, your tokens may not be visible within Ramper. You can try adding the token using the Custom Token feature.

  6. Inactive blockchain: check if the corresponding blockchain is activated on Ramper

  7. Bug issue: Please wait for the dev team to update/ fix the problem or report the issue to us for support.

Check all the possibilities but your balance is still not displayed properly? --> Contact us for support and beware of scammers!

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