Can I recover my wallet if I lose my social account?

Normally, a digital asset on the Defi platform can only be stored in an address (wallet) on the corresponding blockchain, which is created and managed by a passphrase. You need to back up the Passphrase in a safe place and not share it with anyone. Anyone who has the Passphrase will be able to access your wallet as well as the assets inside it.

Likewise, every wallet on Ramper is also created and managed by Passphrase. Moreover, to simplify management, Ramper allows you to access all your digital assets by using your preferred social accounts as wallets on Ramper will be linked to social accounts or emails. So you just need to log in with the account associated with the wallet you want to access without having to enter a passphrase.

In case you lose your social account or you can't log in with your social account anymore, it does not mean that you will not be able to access your assets. As long as you keep the wallet's Passphrase, you can always restore your wallet on other crypto wallets like Coin98, Metamask, TrustWallet, etc by using a passphrase. Please note that the social account associated with your wallet is used only for logging in, not for recovering your wallet. In this situation, you also need to contact Ramper Support immediately to request deleting your account in Ramper to ensure the safety of your asset, so no one else can access your wallet via that account.

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