About Ramper Wallet

⭐ Ramper Wallet is currently active on both the web extension (Chrome) and mobile app (Android). Coming soon: Ramper Wallet for iOS, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

Access your digital assets in under a minute

Ramper Wallet is designed to simplify your digital life, providing you with a hassle-free experience.
Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple accounts and passwords. With Ramper Wallet, you can effortlessly access all your digital assets using your preferred social accounts and gain instant access to your crypto holdings and NFTs within seconds.

Transfer crypto and NFTs globally with a few clicks

Transferring your digital assets globally has never been easier.
Ramper Wallet empowers you to send and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs with utmost convenience. Whether you're sending funds to a friend across the globe or receiving digital collectibles from an online marketplace, Ramper Wallet ensures a seamless and efficient process. All you need is an internet connection and your devices, and you'll be able to transfer your assets anytime, anywhere.

Effortlessly manage your assets

Ramper Wallet provides a safe and simple interface for managing and growing your digital assets.
Take control of your crypto holdings and embark on your Web3 adventure without anxiety. With Ramper Wallet's intuitive features, you can monitor and track the performance of your assets, enabling you to make informed decisions. Rest easy knowing that your digital assets are secure, while enjoying the flexibility and growth potential of the decentralized economy.
Experience the convenience, security, and growth potential of Ramper Wallet as you simplify your digital life and embrace the future of finance.