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Welcome to Ramper Wallet Extension Developer Guide. This documentation contains guides for developers to get started developing on Ramper Wallet Extension.β€Œ

To detect Ramper Wallet Extension with Cosmos Base Chain

To detect whether your browser is running Ramper Extension, please use:

if (window.ramper2) {
  console.log('Ramper Extension is installed!');

To connect Ramper Wallet Extension

To connect Ramper Wallet Extension means to access the user's [blockchain - like Cosmos] account(s).

// Connect only
window.ramper2.cosmos.enable(chainId: string);
// Connect & get accounts
window.ramper2.cosmos.getKey(chainId: string);

Currently, chains support: ['atlantic-2','pacific-1']

To disconnect the Ramper Wallet Extension

To disconnect Ramper Extension, please use:


To experience functions

Once your account is connected, let's start experiencing more functions.β€Œ

Get Current Account

If the webpage has permission and Ramper wallet is unlocked, this function will return the address and public key in the following format:

interface Key {
  name: string;
  algo: string;
  pubKey: Uint8Array;
  address: Uint8Array;
  bech32Address: string;
  isNanoLedger: boolean;

window.ramper2.cosmos.getKey(chainId: string): Promise<Key>

Sign Amino:

Like signAmino method of CosmJS OfflineDirectSigner, however, Ramper’s signAmino function takes the chain-id as a required parameter. Signs Proto-encoded StdSignDoc.

interface SignOptions {
 // If set to true the wallet will not override fees specified in the signDoc.
  preferNoSetFee: boolean

window.ramper2.cosmos.signAmino(chainId: string, signer: string, signDoc: StdSignDoc, signOptions?: SignOptions)

Sign Direct:

Like signDirect method of CosmJS OfflineDirectSigner, however, Ramper’s signDirect function takes the chain-id as a required parameter. Signs Proto-encoded StdSignDoc.

interface SignDoc {
  bodyBytes?: Uint8Array | null;
  authInfoBytes?: Uint8Array | null;
  chainId?: string | null;
  accountNumber?: Long | null;

window.ramper2.cosmos.signDirect(chainId: string, signer: string, signDoc: SignDoc)

Sign Arbitrary:

    chainId: string,
    signerAddress: string,
    data: string | Uint8Array
): Promise<StdSignature>;

 window.ramper2.cosmos.signArbitrary(chainId: string, signer: string, data: string)

Delegate Transaction broadcasting:

enum BroadcastMode {
  Sync = 'sync',
  Async = 'async',
  Block = 'block'

 window.ramper2.cosmos.sendTx(chainId: string, tx: Uint8Array, mode: BroadcastMode)

To handle events

List of events

Currently, we only support some action events from the wallet extension

connection.on('event_name', callback);
window.ramper2.cosmos.on('cosmosChanged', () => window.location.reload());
window.ramper2.cosmos.on('accountsChanged', () => window.location.reload());




Receive when active account changed in Extension


Receive when active chain changed in Extension





on(event, callback)

Add event listener

off(event, callback)

Remove event listener

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