Ramper SDK provides "WalletView", a wallet interface that displays inside your DApp.


The WalletView function renders a wallet interface for users that allows the user to do the following:

  • View all their tokens

  • Send tokens

  • Deposit tokens

  • Buy tokens through our integrated fiat-on-ramp

  • View their transaction history

  • Export their private wallet key.

  • Change their language.

  • Change their network

  • Change their UI theme.

Once the user logs in, we recommend you replace the login button with a new button that shows their wallet address and triggers the openWallet() function when clicked.

See these functions in action at https://example.ramper.xyz/ Screenshots

Include in your DApp

It's extremely simple to include WalletView in your DApp if you're already using Ramper SDK!

import { openWallet } from '@ramper/ethereum'

<button onClick={openWallet}>My Wallet</button>

More Screenshots

Transactions View:

Fiat on-ramp:

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