Standalone Wallet


Your users can visit to manage their wallet outside of your DApp. On our Wallet App, your users will be able to:

  • View all their tokens

  • Send tokens

  • Deposit tokens

  • Buy tokens through our integrated fiat-on-ramp

  • View their transaction history

  • Export their private wallet key.

  • View their NFTs

  • Send their NFTs to other wallets

  • Change their language.

  • Change their network

  • Change their UI theme.

  • Connect with other DApps like through WalletConnect.

Wallet Connect (Coming Soon)

In order to connect your wallet with another DApp through WalletConnect, first click on the WalletConnect button:

Once connected, make sure to keep this tab open. You will be able to approve and reject incoming requests to your wallet through this page:

To disconnect from WalletConnect, simply click on the "Connected" button and then the "disconnect" button on the next page.

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