Developer Dashboard

Developer Dashboard is a control panel for you to create and manage apps as well as NFT Collections. API keys will be issued to connect to the Ramper SDK. View user data and NFT purchase history here.

Getting Started

Visit our developer dashboard to create a new Ramper app!

Once a new app is created, an App ID and App Secret will be generated. App secrets can be re-rolled anytime. The App ID should be provided to the init function when using our SDK to allow you to track your user's activity on Ramper. The App Secret is used to verify the issued idToken on your server side to manage user sessions.

Use your new App ID in the init() function when initializing the SDK.

  appName: 'Polygon Test App',
  authProviders: [
  walletProviders: [WALLET_PROVIDER.METAMASK],
  theme: THEME.DARK,

User Analytics

Once connected, track who logs into your app by navigating to Users in the sidebar. Sort user data by clicking on the various column headers.

NFT Checkout

If you are interested in supporting NFT purchases with both Crypto and Fiat, you will need to create a Collection and Verify your Account to comply with Know-Your-Business (KYB) regulations in the following sections.

To get started, first visit the NFT Checkout tab on the left panel to create your first collection. We currently support the following networks:

  • Ethereum - Mainnet (homestead)

  • Polygon - Mainnet (matic)

  • Polygon - Mumbai Testnet (maticmum)

  • Ethereum - Goerli Testnet (goerli)

Upon creation, a Ramper link will be generated where customers can purchase your NFT using fiat or crypto. The purchase history will show successful transactions completed through this Ramper link.

Verify Account

NFT Checkouts will be restricted to testnet until your account is verified. To leave sandbox mode, navigate to My Account and submit the required information and documents. Choose between Individual or Business account types to begin the process.

Upon submission, your application will be reviewed in 1-2 business days. We will reach out via email if more information is required.

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