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You can view & manage your Ramper wallet anytime at wallet.ramper.xyz.

You can create multiple wallets by logging in through different credentials. For example, you may log in using Google SSO, but later log in using Twitter SSO. This would create two separate wallets. However, you cannot create multiple wallets using the same login credentials.

Ramper wallet runs on multiple chains. You have to specify the wallet's network to match the chain that your NFTs are stored in. For example β€” if you purchased a NFT on Polygon (Matic), but your Ramper wallet network is set to Ethereum (Mainnet), your NFT won't be displayed. You would first need to change the wallet network to Polygon.
Select to view network
Change networks

DApps refer to decentralized applications that require you to connect your wallet to log-in. There are two ways for you to use your Ramper wallet to log in:
When DApps already have Ramper integrated, you'll see the familiar login screen used to create your Ramper wallet.
When DApps don't have Ramper integrated, you can connect through WalletConnect. You need to first open up your Ramper wallet by visiting wallet.ramper.xyz, then click on WalletConnect.

You can view & export your seed phrase by visiting the settings page on your wallet:
Settings page
Export private key

Wallets cannot be deleted as they are on the blockchain & only you have access (we don't). We can, however, delete the personal data associated with your Ramper wallet. Once this is deleted it cannot be reversed.
To request deletion of your personal data β€” please send request to [email protected]

You can purchase crypto by clicking "Buy" from your wallet's homepage.
You can also receive crypto by clicking "Receive" from your wallet's homepage. This will display your wallet address that you can send crypto to (from an external source).

Click "Send" from your wallet's homepage

Switch from "Coin" to "NFT" view from your wallet homepage. Select the NFT image, and click "Send"
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