About Ramper Connect

Ramper Connect is a non-custodial wallet & web3 login solution. Let anyone log into DApps instantly without having to download wallets, use browser extensions, or store seed phrases.


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By adding Ramper Connect SDK to your DApps, you are able to reach 99.9% of the internet population that are unfamiliar with web3. Let users login instantly through their email or SSO securely. Ramper Connect is 100% free to integrate.

Login Solution

  • Login using email or SSO (FaceID coming soon)
  • Non-custodial wallet is generated behind the scene
  • Customize theme reflecting your brand

Request Transaction Signatures

  • Secure transaction requests
  • 15+ million transactions per day with plans to rapidly scale this further

Unified Wallet Interface

  • View, send, and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Interchangeable network
  • Integrated fiat onramp
  • Settings to export private key
Sign transactions
Wallet view