❓Developer FAQs

How do I reach the team at Ramper?

You can reach us 24/7 (teams across the globe covering all time zones):

How do I get started?

Ramper is free & self-service. To get started β€” install Ramper SDK by visiting β€˜Get Started’ in our documentations page.

How do I test on development environments?

  • Polygon --> Mumbai (Maticmum)

  • Ethereum --> Rinkeby

  • NEAR --> Testnet

  • Terra 2.0 --> Testnet & Classic coming soon

How is Ramper SDK free?

We don’t charge DApps. We charge end-users a transaction fee for using our fiat onramp & NFT checkout products.

Does Ramper provide white-label API?

Not publicly, but we work with a handful of large companies on a per-basis (paid service). If you’d like to work with us β€” please contact team@ramper.xyz

How does Ramper Connect (login) work?

Ramper Connect SDK allows users (without existing wallets) to login into your DApps with email or SSO instantly. A non-custodial wallet gets created with access to private keys linked to the email & SSO authentication.

Try our demo: https://example.ramper.xyz/v1/demo

Is Ramper wallet non-custodial?

Yes. DApps nor Ramper have access to user keys.

How many wallets get created per user?

Ramper creates one wallet per user across an infinite number of DApps. When a user uses the same email or SSO to sign into a new DApp, they access the same Ramper wallet.

Can users use their Ramper wallets on different DApps?

Ramper is integrated with WalletConnect. As long as other DApps support WalletConnect or Ramper SDK, your users can log in with the same Ramper wallet, porting their digital identity with them.

Can users export their private keys?

Yes - through the WalletView feature.

How are private key data stored and accessed?

Private keys are split into two separate ciphers, and stored in the cloud via encryption. When a user needs to sign a transaction, a time-limited access token gets generated (tied to their email or SSO) to retrieve the first key. The second key is fetched from a trusted execution environment once the user’s access token is verified. Here, the full private key gets reconstructed to sign the transaction details, never being revealed on the user device.

To learn more – check our architecture blog.

How many transactions can Ramper support?

We comfortably support 15+ million transactions per day with plans to rapidly scale further.

Is Ramper code audited?

Yes, we’ve been audited by CertiK, and currently undergoing SOC2 II.

How do you handle GDPR data access or deletion requests?

A customer can contact us at team@ramper.xyz to request their data to be provided or deleted.

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