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Easiest onboarding
Wallet in the Cloud
Easy to integrate

Ramper SDK is an easy-to-integrate wallet provider that comes with a fantastic design, auth methods that are familiar to users, and scalability.

Why Ramper?

  • Easy to integrate: Ramper SDK is intuitive. And soon, it will also provide a plugin to the wallet-provider interface, for dApps that already use it
  • One click onramp to Web3: A new user can easily sign up through a familiar method such as Google, FB, Twitter, Email logins. A terra wallet is then automatically created in the cloud
  • Cloud wallet: No need for the users to backup their private keys on a piece of paper.



Our current SDK is in active development. The interface described and the functionalities provided are subject to change (breaking changes included). In case of breaking changes we will do our best to announce early and coordinate with the community

If there's any feature you would like to see or design patterns you would like for the Ramper team to adopt, come chat with us over at discord (